"As a patent attorney you have to be both a shrewd jurist and an excellent scientist."



Walter Hart, M.Sc.


Dutch & European Patent Attorney


offshore, civil engineering, construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, tobacco industry, heating systems, conduit systems, packaging, consumer products and theater & entertainment




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Walter Hart studied civil engineering in Delft, The Netherlands, and has been a patent attorney with EP&C since 2002. He previously worked for a civil engineering company (Fugro), and as an ICT consultant at CMG. He passed the Dutch Patent Exam cum laude in 2005 and organised several workshops about patenting. Walter’s specialisations include packaging and he regularly writes about packaging & intellectual property for a professional journal. In addition to this, Walter is member of the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys’ commission for foreign developments and is involved in the developments concerning the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court. As such, he contributed to the EP&C Whitepaper about these topics.

Walter is analytical, enterprising, inventive and dedicated. “Obtaining a patent on its own isn’t all that difficult. The art is in creating a patent that is useful and effective. This means, that as patent attorneys, we need to be familiar with legal conventions and with the latest technologies. Since I grew up surrounded by inventions, I understand more than anyone else how insecure clients can feel about coming to us with their ideas. It is an exciting time and they will do anything to make it successful. I have to say, that being able to help them gives me a real kick.” In his free time

Walter Hart is developing a speed-sailing vessel to try and break the world sailing speed record.

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