“I keep working until a product is right technically, legally and strategically."


Jan-Paul de Hoog


Jan-Paul de Hoog, M.Sc.


Dutch Patent Attorney


analytical chemistry, laboratory measurement equipment, physical chemistry, colloid chemistry and solid state chemistry




+31 70 414 54 71


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Jan-Paul de Hoog studied Chemistry at Utrecht and has been working for EP&C as a patent attorney since 2008. Prior to this he was researching his doctoral thesis and worked as a product specialist for a manufacturer of physical measuring instruments.

Jan-Paul is analytical, has a broad interest in all sorts of fields and is not easily provoked. He is calm, critical and reliable, and is keen to build good working relationships with his clients. “Patent attorneys are employed to supervise the whole process, from start to finish, right down to the smallest of details. We ask the right questions, often helping our clients to expand their ideas. They have often become so engrossed in the development process that they have lost sight of the bigger picture. We look at an invention from every possible angle. This results in a product that is technically, legally and strategically correct, and right for the client’s business.”

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