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The 3 must-read BL&GS for this summer

Must-read.jpgOver the past year you have received a BL&G from us every week. You may not have had the opportunity to read each and every one of these so, in this silly season, reading a BL&G might make a nice change. That is why I have selected 3 BL&Gs for you from 2017. In my opinion these are definitely worth reading. Have a great summer!

BL&G 1:          Top 3 tips on how to use an Innovation Subsidy

How to earn back the cost of your investment with Innovatiebox. Hendrik Jan Brookhuis gives 3 tips on how to do this.

BL&G 2:          How to go about choosing a patent attorney

A pleasant and effective collaboration depends on several factors. Colleague Robbert-Jan de Lang gives a number of tips on how to select the best patent attorney for you.

BL&G 3:          Unavoidable patent jargon

Isabelle de Grave-Wolterink provides a short but effective explanation of three terms that are frequently used in the world of patents: Claim, priority year and PCT.