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3 summer patents for the sweltering heat

3 summer patents for the sweltering heat

The sun is out in abundance this year. For many of us the holidays are just around the corner. We just need to knuckle down for a bit and get those last jobs done before we can slow down a couple of notches and when we start to unwind we also often get inspired.


Irrespective of whether you are in beautiful spot abroad or simply at home, with the right people in the right place your batteries will start to recharge and your creative spirits will come to the fore. The summer is a time of reflection, of new, wonderful ideas. You can tell that by the many original products that are brought to market each summer.

To get in the mood I looked for the three most striking summer patents. To make that sunshine through the window feel just that little bit warmer, but also to get that inspiration going.

Have a wonderful summer!

1. Combined portable fan and spray bottle

When it is really warm, you want some wind and water. This invention combines the best of both worlds. Eureka! 

Combined portable fan and spray bottle

2. Pet sunglasses system

Why don't dogs wear sunglasses? Thanks to these frames which are adjustable on the inside edge you can get a pair of sunglasses to fit any dog. Is this going to be the 2018 summer hit?

Pet sunglasses system

3. Dual-chair beach wagon

No need to carry your beach stuff. These two beach chairs can be transformed into a handy beach wagon in which you can transport parasols and well-stocked cool boxes.

Dual-chair beach wagon