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Coming to Amsterdam soon: A seventy meter innovative tree house

innovative_tree_house_sustainable.jpgWood is becoming an alternative building material for high-rise apartment buildings. Amsterdam is going to get a seventy meter high wooden apartment building. London is going one better with one that is 300 meters high.

The wooden high-rise apartment building in Amsterdam is being built in Amstelkwartier. While the bottom  floor is going to be made of concrete, the rest of the building is going to be made of wood. Extra thick beams have to be used not just to ensure that the construction is solid but also for fire safety reasons.

Sustainability score

The high-rise apartment building is going to get the highest possible sustainability score. The roof and facades are going to be fitted with integrated solar panels. The electricity will, among other things, be used for electric shared cars for the people living in the apartments. There is going to be a courtyard garden on the ground floor with trees and a nursery where residents can grow vegetables. The waste water is going to be purified organically. The building has to be ready by the end of 2018.


In London there are plans for the construction of a 300 meter high wooden high-rise apartment building with eighty floors and at least one thousand apartments. The people behind the idea feel that wood has many benefits over steel and concrete. It is cheaper, it speeds up construction time and, on top of that, the building weighs a great deal less, which means that the foundations do not need to go down quite so far.

Wood resources

The sustainability aspect also carries a great deal of weight. The production of concrete and steel is responsible for 8% of the greenhouse effect. This means that we will need to use a lot more wood in the construction industry if we are to meet the climate targets, according to the designers of the wooden skyscraper, who also claim that there is plenty of wood available.