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EP&C wishes you a pink Easter

EP&C wishes you a pink EasterThey may seem to be on the shelves earlier each year, but one thing is for certain when it comes to Easter eggs: you have plain, milk and white ones. It is a certainty which, like us, has been around for 80 years, but it is also a certainty that we are going to have to say goodbye to this year. To our great surprise we read that there is a new, natural chocolate colour: pink!

Belgian chocolate giant Callebaut worked on this invention for years. It is a chocolate made from very specific cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil, among other places. The beans contain high levels of polyphenols. By not fermenting them, or fermenting them for a shorter period of time than usual and preparing them differently, it has become possible to add a new colour to the chocolate spectrum.

Originality and perseverance

TIt is a wonderful innovative product, which has even been officially patented: number EP2237677 [LINK Espacenet]. We at EP&C can only applaud this kind of inventiveness. It shows the kind of originality and perseverance we like to support with our services and that is why it is a great way to wish you a Happy Easter.

With this great find we want to give you some inspiration for the Easter weekend. Have a wonderful Easter, enjoy the egg hunt in the garden or just simply sit back and take it easy. We hope that whatever you end up doing you will have a great time and feel inspired. Here's to a bright future full of pink eggs.