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Inkless printer good for your purse and the environment

Inkless printer good for your purse and the environment.jpgNo more hassle with expensive cartridges or toner that suddenly runs out. A technology developed at Delft University of Technology brings ink-free printing within reach. Good for the environment as well.

The technology for ink-free printing was deveoped by two students at Delft University of Technology, who have since graduated and set up a company by the name of Inkless so that they can market their innovation. The ink-free printer burns letters into the paper. The company has developed a process that prints by carbonising the paper, without this actually going through the paper. According to Inkless this new technology ensures that the print is black enough and is furthermore permanent.

Resolution and printing speed

There are several patents on the technology. Although thermal inkless printing techniques already exist and are used for till receipts and other types of receipts, the quality is not good enough to replace regular printers. The print also fades quickly. According to Inkless the print quality produced by the new technology is the same as the quality produced by conventional printers, also in terms of resultion and printing speed. 

Major environmental benefits

Inkless is able to print text, images and graphics on paper, labels and the surface of packages, which is why the company is considering approaching large markets such as the coding & marking market in addition to the office supplies and consumer market. As the technology used by Inkless makes consumables such as cartridges and toners superfluous, the invention is not only user-friendly and potentially cost saving, but also has major environmental benefits. The manufacture of cartridges and ink uses of a lot of energy and produces harmful emissions.