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Marketplace for patents


The recent opening of a Patent Licences Database is intended to give an extra boost to the innovative power of the Netherlands. The database was developed by the Netherlands Patent Centre [Octrooicentrum Nederland]. It includes patents which are available for licences.

The Patent Licences Database enables patent holders that are unwilling or unable to use their patent themselves to come into contact with entrepreneurs who are looking for new technologies. They can then market the inventions so that they can both earn money from it. The database therefore acts as a digital marketplace for the exchange of technology and trading of patents.

Breaking down barriers

René Raggers, patent attorney at EP&C, refers to the opening of the database as a good and worthwhile initiative. “Patent holders can have their patent included in the database free of charge. This makes it easier to find the right parties and collaborate with them. It is a digital meeting place. In that respect, the database will certainly break down barriers. Whether the innovative power of companies will actually be strengthened by this is something that will only become clear in practice”, according to Raggers.