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Most widely read blogs of 2017

Most widely read blogs of 2017And then it is 2018! We have a fresh, crisp new year ahead of us. The past twelve months slipped by before we knew it, but there are always some highlights you are particularly proud of. I thoroughly enjoyed working on creating a clear overview of the NL-PCT Route

When we take a look at the blogs we published in 2017, then these are the most widely read ones: 

3. Does a patent expire after 20 years? Not always!, by Thomas Remmerswaal
2. Earn back cost of patent with Innovatiebox, written by Hendrik Jan Brookhuis
1. Applying for a patent - I want to apply for one globally by Nyske Blokhuis

Which one was your personal favourite?

In this new year we are going to continue to share our knowledge via EP&C BL&G. If you have any topics you would like to find out more about, please let me know

On behalf of all my colleagues at EP&C, I wish you an inspiring and innovative 2018!