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Most widely read blogs of 2019

Most widely read blogs of 2019It won't be long now before we all get into the festive spirit. However, in these dark days before Christmas most of us, including me, take some time to reflect on the past year. And what a year it was: it was EP&C's 80th anniversary! 

We introduced a new corporate identity, which I still enjoy every time I see it. Our website, e-mails and letters - everything is as fresh and colourful as our organisation.

In September we organised Masters of Innovation.  An educational and fun anniversary event for our clients, at which they were introduced to our new partner Lightyear, makers of the car of the future, who we proudly sponsor.  They were able to vote for who they thought should be the winner of Masters of the Future, the best innovation in a pitch competition.  Meat substitute producer RivalFoods won the first prize of €10,000.   

Although we obviously did spend some time looking back on the past, the main focus of our anniversary year was on looking ahead to the future. A future full of healthy and sustainable innovations. Meat substitutes, electric vehicles; I wonder what our customers will have in store for us in next year?

Before we find out, I want to look back on the most read blogs of the past year. This was your top three:

3. Exemption for pharmacists by Mark Jolink
2. That's bad luck, tax break is no more! written by Rudi Riemens
1. A week in the life of a formalities officer by Houda El Qaiti-Sajia

Next year we will continue to keep you informed through our blog, which is full of tips and latest news. If you have any suggestions, please send an e-mail. By the way, we are currently looking for an extra Formalities Officer. So be sure to read how our Houda fills her days and who knows, we might see each other as colleagues in the new year.

For now, we wish you happy holidays and an inspiring and innovative 2020.