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New sustainable packaging? Protect your design!

1906_duurzame-verpakking_2-kolomOne thing I have noticed recently is that it is becoming increasingly popular to not just put chips and nuts on the table at receptions and meetings, but also vegetables such as snack tomatoes. They are healthy and very much in vogue now. Every supermarket sells snacks like this, but what stands out when you take a good look at them is that many of the snack tomatoes from different producers and shops still come in the same kind of packaging: tall, transparent plastic buckets. These are not very distinctive.

Plastic shame

Moreover, because of 'plastic shame', consumers are increasingly consciously buying fruit and vegetables in sustainable types of packaging. Horticulturists and suppliers are very much aware of this and are now rapidly coming up with sustainable alternatives. Creative solutions such as cardboard that not only look great but are also functional. The aubergine label in the image accompanying this blog is a good example of this.  

Distinguishing element

Creative packaging is an important distinguishing element of your fresh product. It ensures that consumers can consciously buy your fruit or vegetables and avoid accidentally buying those of a much lower quality that 'happen to' look a lot like yours.

Protect your unique packaging

It is therefore vitally important to ensure that your new packaging is well protected. If you fail to do so, your packaging - in which your designers have invested time and effort - can be shamelessly copied by others.

Design Protection - Pay attention to the details

Protection can be achieved, for example, by having a design application filed for it. This makes it possible to protect the outward appearance exclusively for you. However, when registering a design it is important to think carefully about the way in which this is done. What is or is not shown in the images of a design application could be decisive later on. By setting out the details you claim them. Disclaiming can be done by omitting details or by dotting them. This can subsequently be combined with a multiple design registration to ensure that you get the best possible scope of protection.


Did you know that you can apply for a common European Community design which can offer exclusivity for all 28 countries of the European Union for just €1,310.00? It is a worthwhile investment.

25 years of exclusivity

Now that many producers are changing their packaging, it is a great time to make sure your creative, sustainable and beautiful design continues to be yours. The design protection is valid for the next 25 years, provided you pay the renewal fee every five years. It will not only keep your product properly and sustainably packaged for all those years but also in a clearly recognizable way thanks to the exclusive design protection. In future, consumers will know exactly which of those delicious sweet snack tomatoes they should be buying in the supermarket.

Picture: eggplant label - Solvent Verpak