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Out of reach, but need measurements? Go Bagel!

the_bagel_a_digital_tape_measure_.jpgThe tape measure was one of the few consumer items not to have been digitized, but now there is the Bagel. It is a digital tape measure with various different functions.

It is the perfect tool for handymen and craftsmen and replaces the yardstick, ruler, tape measure and measuring tape. The Bagel combines three different measuring modes in what most closely resembles a traditional tape measure.


Bagel's string mode allows you to measure things using its simple wire in much the same way as you would with a measuring tape or tape measure. The resulting measurement is sent via Bluetooth to the accompanying app on a smartphone. The user can even add a voice memo with additional information about the measurement in the Bagel.

Laser beam

Bagel's wheel mode can be used to measure and record distances of curved and odd-shaped objects, for instance. Finally, Bagel's remote mode uses a laser to measure the distance to something that is out of reach. The laser beam can accurately measure distances of up to five metres.

The Bagel is an invention of South Korean startup Bagel Labs and costs USD 59.