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Quick blood test at your doctor's surgery

bloedtest.jpgIt is now possible to get a quick, cheap and accurate blood test at your doctor's surgery thanks to a new, easy to use and accurate device.

This means patients no longer have to go to a laboratory or hospital for a diagnosis. On top of that the blood test result becomes available straightaway. It normally takes days or weeks for a hospital to inform a doctor of blood test results and the doctor then still has to inform the patient. The device, which is called a Spinit, can therefore save a great deal of money.

Optical discs

The Spinit is the result of a partnership between a Portuguese medical technology company and a Dutch company that is specialised in optical discs for data storage. Using a drop of blood the system is able to conduct immunochemical, haematological and clinical chemical tests. According to the developers, the blood testing device is easy to use, compact, low in maintenance and easy to link with regular GP and laboratory information systems.

Laser technology

The Spinit works like a DVD that plays images via a DVD player. Laser technology analyses the blood sample in a microfluidic optical disc for different proteins and infections. The test results become instantly visible on a monitor so that the GP is able to give the patient the results straightaway.

Broader range

The number of parameters that developers are adding is continuing to grow, which means that the device is able to diagnose an ever-increasing number of diseases and illnesses. For example, this year’s and next year’s programme includes diabetes, cardiac, metabolic, liver, kidney function and coagulation.