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The nicest summer patents of 2019

The nicest summer patents of 2019Gradually, more and more out-of-office messages are starting to appear in my mailbox. At EP&C, too, many colleagues are going to be recharging their physical and mental batteries in the coming weeks. Summer is always a good time for reflection, visiting family and friends, engaging in sports or simply doing nothing at all. At least, for many people.

Summer = source of inspiration

For some inventors, the warm weather and the fact that they are spending a great deal of time outdoors are a real source of inspiration. That is clearly evident when you go through the online patent databases at this time of year.

My top 3

Each year you will see lots of beautiful, new, summery patent and design applications. All those people lounging around are a great target market for creative product designers, and the most successful products obviously deserve to be protected by Intellectual Property rights. However it is not easy to produce a summer hit. When I was going through the databases, I came across a number of great ideas and I have put together a Top 3 of potential winners for you.

What do you think, are any of these likely to be the 2019 summer hit? Perhaps you have a better idea yourself? 

I wish you - also on behalf of my colleagues, of course – a relaxed, wonderful, or perhaps even very inspired, holiday and good luck with those last bits of work you need to finish before you go.

1. Rotation Ice Cream Holder

Everybody loves ice cream, but nobody likes sticky hands. This cone holder claims to provide a nice solution to this problem, in the form of a kind of drip tray for melted ice cream. Ideal for hot days, daydreaming ice cream eaters and small children, of course!ijs zomerblog 2019

2. Mesh Cap

A cap works perfectly when it comes to keeping the sun out of your eyes, but is also often very hot for the rest of your head. This braided design might be the answer. Airy yet shady. I would like to try one when I go on a run through the dunes on a sunny day.

cap zomerblog 2019

3. Grass Flip Flops

A picnic in the park and a walk on the grass with your bare feet. In the summer months you suddenly realize just how nice that actually is. With this creative find you can now experience that feeling everywhere. On these flip flops with an artificial turf sole, you will always feel like you are outdoors, even when you are indoors. And now at least you will not accidentally stand on a piece of glass, some twigs or a blown away leftover of your summer salad.

Grass flip flop summer 2019