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Top tip for all Gyro Gearloose and Non-Gyro Gearloose types

Top-tip-for-all-Gyro-Gearloose-and-Non-Gyro-Gearloose-types.jpgThere are probably still some out there. People who spend years up in the attic working on an invention. Attic rooms are nice quiet places where you can get away from it all, without Whatsapp, Facebook and heated party political discussions. Where you can fully focus on the technical details of your invention, perfect every aspect, at your own pace.

But the world is changing all the time. Time does not stand still, and neither do technological developments.

Problems are developing all over the world for which people are trying to find a technical solution. And then Gyro comes down from his attic room with the perfect solution only to discover that his invention already exists. Worst of all, it may also be already protected by a patent. So, by using his invention Gyro is infringing on a patent.

What deception. And that's an understatement.

Top tip

That is why I have a tip for all Gyro Gearloose types in this world and all other innovators who do not fit into this category.

Patent databases

What I am talking about a 'patent database'. 


It will give you insight into current global technical knowledge.
This is also referred to as 'prior art'. You can browse various databases to find out whether your technical solution for a problem is really as ingenious as you thought, or whether someone else got there before you. You can also try and work out if you are likely to get a patent. Incidentally, I do recommend that you consult a patent attorney when doing so.

In short, a visit to one of the patent databases can provide you with lots of useful information and spare you lonely hours up in the attic. 

Our brochure entitled 'Searching in patent databases' contains information on where and how to search patent databases. 

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