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Huib van Rijt

"With sums there is only one outcome, the same does not apply to patent applications."

Huib van Rijt studied Applied Physics and Science Education at Delft University of Technology and worked as a Physics teacher until joining EP&C as a trainee Patent Attorney on 1 September 2021. It was a logical choice, Huib explains: "The skills required to advise clients are very similar to teaching skills. You have to be able to explain difficult topics in such a way that the other person understands them. You also need technical, linguistic and legal skills in this profession. That combination suits me. As a teacher, I used to teach others, but I also have a need to learn new things myself. This job gives me plenty of opportunity to do so because I am dealing with the latest technical innovations."

In addition to making sense of quantum mechanical systems, Huib's Master's degree also involved studying a number of wide-ranging subjects. Thanks to this he gained a comprehensive knowledge and is very adaptable. "I also use this skill at EP&C. I am amazed at what is happening in terms of technical inventions. I very much enjoy that. And I also enjoy the fact that I have to be able to quickly switch from one type of innovation to another. From medical equipment to hydrogen applications, to all kinds of electronics."

For Huib, clear explanations and transparency are paramount in the service he provides: "I think it is important that I give clients a very clear explanation of the situation and the kind of protection a patent offers. When drafting patent applications, you can work in a very structured way, just like in engineering. However, with sums there is always only one outcome, the same does not apply to patents. I enjoy explaining this to my clients and ensuring that they really understand it."