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Marc van der Velden

"A well-formulated patent is our weapon of choice!"

Marc van der Velden studied Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, has a master’s degree a physics teacher and a PhD. He joined EP&C as a patent attorney in 2008.

Marc is very versatile and enjoys working in a variety of sectors, with a particular focus on companies involved in the packaging industry. His background in education means he finds it easy to explain the intricacies of Intellectual Property. It also makes him a good listener and quick to discover which problem an invention has been designed to solve. He likes interacting with his clients: “In the end, it’s about contact with people as well as their products. As patent attorneys, we give advice to the inventors but more importantly, we work closely with them, almost becoming a part of their work. We inspire each other. We find solution upon solution until we have improved the final product. Then we can protect this product, and put it into carefully formulated words. A well-formulated patent is our weapon of choice!”

Marc is Dutch & European Patent and European Trademark Attorney.