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"People sometimes think that my profession is highly legal and rather boring, but it is actually very refreshing and strategic."


Marlies Mulders joined EP&C on an interim basis in 2018 and held various management positions before becoming its Deputy Director in 2019 and officially joining the Board at the beginning of 2022 as Chief Financial Officer. Marlies was born and bred in Den Bosch and was the first member of her family to be given the opportunity to study. She studied Business Economics at an Institute for Higher Education in Economics and Management and went on to work as an Assistant Controller, Business Controller, Consultant and Financial Director. During this time she also completed a course in Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After having held various positions in the world of business, Marlies has now found her niche at EP&C.

"I had already been asked to join the company during the various interim assignments I did at EP&C. I held off for a long time, until I was sure that I would fit in well here. I feel that what I bring as a woman to a predominantly male-dominated company is very much valued, which is more than can be said for some of the other places I have worked at. EP&C is an introspective organisation, so whenever I raise an issue, there is room for a good discussion on equal footing. This is how we work together to make a safe and inclusive work environment."

The field of work appeals to Marlies, even though she has not worked in intellectual property before. "People sometimes think that my profession is highly legal and rather boring, but it is actually very refreshing and strategic. The process of maintaining patents and keeping markets safe is a very strategic one. And you're right on top of all kinds of inventions, which is really great."

Marlies' responsibilities include finance, strategy formation and organisational development. At the moment her main focus is on updating our HR policy. "We want to go from assessing to developing. When I was consulting, I learnt a lot about how to help people grow individually in their personal development. I want to use that knowledge at EP&C. I want EP&C to become a well-known and reputable employer in our field of work and want everyone who is studying Law at a tertiary level institute to know that EP&C is the place to be."