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Your Business First

Michiel Ras

"You can have a big impact on the future of a company."

Michiel Ras studied mechanical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. Before joining EP&C in 2019 he worked as a Dutch and European patent attorney at ASML.

Because of his great interest in technology, he has a broad knowledge in fields such as mechatronics, measuring systems, mechanics and dynamics. Michiel finds the breadth and depth of the work he does as a patent attorney fascinating.  "For clients, you are often the first person to bring them into contact with the world of IP. Thanks to your advice, they can make a huge leap forward with their invention as a company, for example. Realising that you have a great deal of influence on the future of a company, combined with a great deal of responsibility, makes the work exciting."

Michiel is very empathetic and as a reflective listener is able to quickly arrive at a well-considered analysis. He feels a strong affinity with independent entrepreneurs. In his spare time he mentors and helps children set up their own fictitious company as part of the Bizworld project so that they come into contact with all aspects of the world of business at an early age.


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