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Raoul Timmerman

"Patenting is a way of ensuring that people keep on innovating."

Intellectual property law is something that Raoul came into contact with both during his Mechanical Engineering studies and while working at an aerospace equipment startup. Since becoming a trainee patent attorney in 2020 his main focus has been in this field. However, his love for high-tech developments such as robotics, AI and machine learning is never far away.

He now tries to protect the cutting-edge technologies that have always interested him in the best possible way. "I can work with and learn from innovative people who have a slightly different look on the world. By capturing their ideas in the best possible way together with them, we ensure that their state-of-the-art technologies are viable. Ultimately we can all learn from them and advance our knowledge."

For Raoul, patenting is far more than just protecting intellectual property. "I enjoy seeing new clever ideas from people that make the world a little better. Patenting allows you to benefit from your invention first. That's a good thing. It subsequently becomes more widely available and can help give others new ideas and understand how something works. So patenting is also a way of ensuring that people keep on innovating."