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Rienk Rienksma

"Describing complex inventions well is not just fascinating but a great deal depends on it."

Rienk Rienksma studied biotechnology at Wageningen University & Research and obtained his PhD in the field of systems biology. He has extensive work experience in the biotechnology sector and is an expert in fields such as molecular biology, systems biology, process technology and chemistry.

The versatility is what makes the work interesting for Rienk. "Moreover, biotechnology is a real hot topic in the world of patents right now. I find it extremely interesting to make a good and detailed description of scientific inventions. Their complexity is fascinating and a great deal depends on good protection, for example for a pharmaceutical company that has incurred a lot of development costs for a new drug. Unlike mechanical inventions, for example, the inventions in life sciences are often intangible and invisible, which makes them even more compelling."

Rienk is thoughtful, reliable and very persevering. "One moment you're telling an enthusiastic start-up what patents are all about. The next you're working for a large international pharmaceutical company."