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“I want to make sure that a patent is rock solid and that the client does not have to worry about it for the next twenty years”

Salomon Voorhoeve has been a trainee patent attorney at EP&C since June 2021. Working in the Mechanical Engineering team he is able apply his technical knowledge to the full. Salomon was already interested in legal affairs when he was studying Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. For instance, in his student days he was a member of the participation council as well as a trainer for participation councils. The move to EP&C was a logical one for Salomon: "Here I am able to combine two areas of interest and expertise: legal matters and technology. When it comes to the legal aspect, I find it interesting to investigate what is possible. Sometimes it seems as though a rule only tells you what is not allowed and not what is allowed. And does it actually say what we think it does? This is very important for a patent. If you have invented something, it is your brainchild. You want to protect it as much as possible. I look at what is possible within the legal framework to make that happen."

During his traineeship, Salomon gained experience with various patent applications. For him, customer satisfaction is key. "I think it's important that when everything has been done the client is satisfied with the process and the protection of his invention. You only get one chance to get a patent right. By the time a client is ready to apply for a patent, a lot of time will already have gone into the invention. Then you also want to turn it into a success. I want to make sure that a patent is rock solid and that the client does not have to worry about it for the next twenty years. And, of course, that the invention realises its full potential."

Salomon describes himself as analytical, inquisitive and someone with broad interests. "I really want to understand how things work. In communications, I notice that I quickly get to the heart of the matter. I notice when people are talking at cross purposes. I use that in my work by fine-tuning people's expectations."