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The new patent system and the new Central Court are expected to start in early 2023. This is an important development and as an owner of one or more European patents (EP patent bundle) you will have to make a number of decisions before then. The unitary patent also offers opportunities for your future patent protection. We want to help you prepare for this.


The Masterclass will be presented by Paul Reeskamp (Attorney at Law and Partner at DLA Piper) and Walter Hart (Dutch and European Patent Attorney and Partner at EP&C). After this Masterclass:

  • you will understand what the unitary patent and the UPC are;
  • you will be prepared for the decisions you need to make;
  • you will understand what to look out for when making your decisions;
  • and it will be clear to you how your EP&C Patent Attorney can help you throughout the process.

Would you get up to speed on the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court download the free White Paper.


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