The corona crisis has turned our world upside down. At EP&C we have adapted to the new reality and continue our mission of explaining intellectual property (IP) in clear language.

    That's why we have introduced a new, safe way to share knowledge with you: the EP&C Webinars. From your own seat and therefore at a safe distance, we discuss an IP-related topic in clear language. In this way you increase your knowledge and we enable you to make even better decisions.


    Intellectual Property for Growing Businesses - 20 May 2021

    2103-falende-startups_3-kolomWhy do some start-ups succeed in developing into fully-fledged companies within a short period of time, while others fail to do so? What kind of role does intellectual property play in this, and why is it important to ensure that your IP strategy grows with your company? And how do you go about this? What does this mean for your organisation? Nyske Blokhuis will answer these questions for you on 20 May 2021. 
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