About EP&C

The foundations for EP&C were laid in 1939 with the establishment of patent and trademark office Exterpatent in The Hague. EP&C came about as a result of a merger with Polak & Charlouis in 1995. We have since developed into an organisation with around thirty patent attorneys in all technical disciplines. We have offices in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We love our profession, but are also very conscious of how complicated it is. That is why we do more than just arrange and obtain the right patents and design registrations. We want to understand what you do and we want you to understand what we do.

We like to share ideas and use clear language. We keep an eye on your business and your market and critically assess opportunities and risks. We are honest about our options, just like we are about our prices. Ultimately we use our specialist knowledge to help you achieve your objectives in the most effective way. You should see us as innovation partners. Not convinced yet? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose us as your supplier.

You will find EP&C in Rijswijk (head office), Amsterdam, Utrecht, Wageningen and Turnhout (Belgium).