What is patent portfolio management

There are a great many administrative transactions involved in applying for and maintaining patents. You have to submit the proper documents, answer additional questions and pay your fees on time. If you miss any of these deadlines, you run some serious risks. In the worst case your patent or design right may even expire. It is therefore of critical importance that you keep a close eye on these administrative transactions and deadlines.

Many of our customers see these administrative tasks as a chore. That is quite understandable because you would obviously prefer to use your R&D people to create successful new products, services and innovations. That is why you would be better off outsourcing the management of your patent portfolio. This way you will be able to concentrate on what you are good at without having to worry about the management of your existing patent portfolio.

Advantages of Patent Portfolio Management

  • Never miss another deadline or renewal fee payment and no more procedural errors.
  • A reliable back office that informs you of any news.
  • More time to do what you are really good at.
  • No undesired loss of rights.

This is what EP&C can do for you

EP&C's well trained formalities officers are there to take over the administrative tasks relating to your patent and design rights from you. The process of guiding patents and design registrations through the application process and the management and maintenance of Intellectual Property rights is part of their daily job. In addition EP&C's patent attorneys are there to assist you where necessary.

Costs of Patent Portfolio Management

The amount of support and the size of your patent and design rights portfolio are the two most important factors that determine the costs. We very much want to engage in conversation with you to see what would be efficient for you. Based on this conversation we will draw up a non-committal quotation for you.