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"We must provide reliable support and advice to our clients and not just say what we think they want to hear."

Robbert-Jan de Lang studied chemistry in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and wrote his PhD thesis on a subject relating to organic synthesis. Before becoming a patent attorney with EP&C in 2004, he worked as a patent attorney at KeyGene NV, a biotechnology company. Robbert-Jan is experienced in the field of DNA technology and has worked on numerous cases relating to packaging, multilayer films for example, and its uses in the packaging and food industry. 

Robbert-Jan has been a member of the board of the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys since 2005, and President of Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys since 2014. In his capacity as president, he also has a seat on the Committee van Acht (Patents). From this position, he is an advisor to the government on developments in the field of patent law. Robbert-Jan is also liaison with various professional patent associations in Europe. Robbert-Jan also regularly gives lectures and classes on a variety of IP-related topics.

He is a team player, persuasive, to the point and interested in a broad range of subjects. “Intellectual property is only one part of a business’s strategy which is something we always have to bear in mind. This is the reason why we like to work closely with our clients. If a client asks for a patent that is going to be of little use, it is my job as patent attorney to bring this to their attention and look for an alternative. We should be providing reliable support and advice and not just saying what we think they want to hear.” 


International Licensing platform: Fertile path for plant breeders - Robbert-Jan de Lang

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