Why EP&C is the best choice

1. Sharing thoughts and ideas is in our blood

We look at your innovation and business plan from a different perspective. With our years of knowledge and experience in the field of technology and Intellectual Property we see opportunities that you might well miss.

2. We help you decide

The patent system regularly asks for decisions to be taken. We do more than just list the options. We give genuine and well-founded advice. We are only satisfied when our work makes a substantial contribution to your organisation's success.

3. We stay in touch

Doing business and innovating is not something you do in a vacuum. Your plans and your business environment are in a constant state of flux. By staying in touch with each other we ensure that your IP strategy continues to work for you.

4. We explain

Patent law is complex. By offering e-books, brochures, free workshops and our personal explanation we ensure that you have sufficient knowledge to make the right choices.

5. We are open to feedback

We do not shy away from your poignant comments. We are used to that internally. For example, we often challenge one of our colleagues to take a critical look at our work. As a result, your advice will have stood up to scrutiny before even leaving our office.

6. We speak your language

We do not use difficult legal jargon when there is no need to do so. We speak your language and that means we discuss both technical and legally complex issues with you in language you can understand.

7. We tailor to your needs

We have a very diverse range of clients. From start-ups to multinationals. No matter how simple or complex your question may be, you will always get solid, complete and understandable advice which is tailored to your situation.

8. Quality comes first

In our profession you very rarely get a second chance. That is why we ensure that your patent application is future-proof and effective.

9. Transparent about costs

We are honest about the costs you can expect to be charged. Not just for the first year, but particularly in subsequent years as well. Protecting technological innovations is a long-term activity. Constantly painting a realistic picture of the costs means there will be no unpleasant surprises.

10. We have turned our passion into our work

EP&C employees are intelligent, expert and passionate about their work. The combination of technology, entrepreneurship and innovations excites us and you will notice this passion and enthusiasm when you work with us.