Reading invisible watermarks on packaging using your smartphone

Designer of innovative interactive applications

VignetD_150x150Filigrade has invented new technology for brand-consumer communication that offers manufacturers a new way of marketing their products. Consumers can scan invisible codes (watermarks) on packaging using the camera on their smartphones, and manufacturers can lead consumers directly to their websites. This opens up new opportunities for accessing extensive product information, additional nutritional information like food colourings and E-numbers and can also include track and trace codes for tracing authenticity. Consumers can see whether or not a product is original or counterfeit straight away. Filigrade has released a restricted number of systems onto the market.

Limitations and patentability

EP&C has enjoyed helping Filigrade uncover the best ways of protecting its intellectual property. We have given advice and guidance regarding the limitations and the patentability of this new technology, as well as the best ways of dealing with personal information and consumer privacy. It has been inspiring to be party to the creation of this potentially revolutionary new application.