No more bending down with Doorflipper

Magdale DF Foto Def Perf UitnemenNo more bending down to pick up the post from the doormat and no more doors that get stuck on the pile of letters. The Doorflipper offers ease of use and, at the same time, serves as a draught excluder. Thanks to the smart flexible mechanical construction, the Doorflipper only unfolds when post is put through the letterbox. This means that opening front doors, even in narrow entrance halls, will never be a problem. The synthetic system can also cope with heavier items weighing up to as much as 3 kilograms. The Doorflipper also means cats and dogs are kept well away from the post. This invention by Magdale, a manufacturer and developer of technical products, won the MedcareShop Innovation Award.

Inspiring advice for inventions

EP&C protects Magdale’s Intellectual Properties. We were responsible for the Dutch patent application for the Doorflipper, the registration of the design and the name in the Benelux and the United Kingdom, and we help the company with advice and inspiration for the development of new inventions.