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EPC 2023 Portret Fleur Kessels ENG 

"The combination of technology and language provides for analysis and nuance"

Fleur Kessels studied Aviation and Aerospace Engineering in Delft and Psychology in Leiden. She was fascinated by aviation from an early age, but ultimately it was her great interest in technology that determined her course of study in Delft.

She opted for parallel studies because she wanted to learn about two things at the same time. "Technology is very precise, direct and convergent. It is then interesting to study something from the other end of the spectrum. Psychology is abstract and divergent. As an intern in the KLM Controlling department, I also got some insight into aspects such as business efficiency and finance".

Fleur is an analytical, social, enthusiastic and communicative individual. "The work of a patent attorney is incredibly diverse. You assess things for clients. You advise on, explain and assess the interests at stake. What particularly appeals to me is the combination of technology and language. You create things and you combine analysis and nuance in this".