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“Strategic use of a patent is of great value. Not only for large companies, but especially also for smaller ones.”

Mandy van Overeem joined EP&C as a trainee patent attorney in 2021. She obtained her master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology in 2020. Mandy came into contact with patents by chance during her studies. She was looking into whether it would be possible to capitalise on a patent held by Delft University of Technology by setting up a start-up. “I then discovered that I find patents an extremely fascinating part of a business’s strategy. As an inventor, you want to protect your innovation in the best possible way, but how do you go about that? And is it really necessary? The various facets involved are all part of your strategy and of the purpose of your invention.”

Mandy was in two minds for a while before finally deciding to opt for Chemical Engineering. She initially considered studying Law but then her fascination with how things work and how you can calculate and research this was greater than her interest in legal issues. As a patent attorney she is able to combine her interest in law with her technical knowledge.

Mandy describes herself as a go-getter, sociable, disciplined and pragmatic. Qualities she uses in her job: “I puzzle things out all day. I gather information and think about how to word a patent application in such a way that nobody can get around it. The inventions are all very different. They range from very small innovations to completely new technologies. So you have to be able to switch from one thing to another and do so quickly to ensure that the client gets the best possible protection.”