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Portretten Slavisa Milovanovic ENG 2023_04

"Putting something very technical into legal words is something I find interesting," he says.

Slavisa Milovanovic joined EP&C as a Trainee Patent Attorney on 1 February 2023. He had already gained some experience in intellectual property before joining EP&C and still enjoys the variety the work has to offer. "Every day there is a different innovation that I have to grasp in detail in order to write a patent application for it. This is never boring because I have to look at an invention in different ways. As an academic, I had to describe in detail what I was doing. In this job, I am also very meticulous, but I bear in mind what it is I want to protect. After all, there are times when you have to be less precise to ensure that you do not exclude anything. I find it interesting to put something very technical into legal words."

Slavisa has a technical background: a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master's degree in Nanophysics and a PhD in Physics. It goes without saying that he enjoys talking to clients about the discipline but above all he wants to be approachable. "I am fairly extrovert and informal. In my contact with clients I think it's important they feel they can easily ask me questions. Nothing is to too crazy for me and I make it my business to build a good relationship. Feel free to get in touch. No strings attached!"