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"Together, we can turn an idea into an invention."

Yme Groeneveld graduated from the University of Delft, The Netherlands, in 1990 with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and started working in the field of Intellectual Property in 1991. Among others, Yme was involved in the successful conclusion of the Senseo case and joined EP&C in 2008.

Yme is creative. He is a teamplayer and someone who likes to build longstanding business relationships with his clients. He has a keen eye for detail and always manages to stay focussed on the target. “A client often has an idea that he or she wants to protect, but little more than that. They can only see one element, whilst a patent attorney is able to put it into context, into the bigger picture, as a product, with a market position and potential competitors. By working together with the inventor to map the practical, commercial and legal opportunities, we can improve the end product and we can protect it more effectively. Together, we can turn an idea into an invention.”

Over the years Yme has been involved in numerous Restoration Cases. His experience, his eye for detail and his interest in administrative architectures all ensure that he is very successful in restoration of patents. Read more.


Every year the international magazine Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) publishes the IP Stars. In the publication 2023 Yme is named as one of the IP Stars. 


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