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Four reasons for adding a patent to your LinkedIn profile


The granting of a patent is an achievement to be proud of. If you have succeeded in obtaining a patent, you are, as it were, playing in the Champions League of inventors. It is an accomplishment worthy of mention - on your LinkedIn profile, for example. This blog gives you four reasons for adding your patent to your LinkedIn profile. 

1. Honourable mention

It is not easy to obtain a patent. It takes a lot of time. As an inventor, you will no doubt have put a great deal of effort into your patent application. However, this is no guarantee that the patent will actually be granted. An invention must be absolutely novel. This is investigated worldwide. It also has to be inventive. When a patent is granted, it is the crowning glory of your work. It is common practice for people to put their accomplishments on their LinkedIn profile. This is not seen as bragging. It shows where your expertise lies. You should see it as a justified and honourable mention for a special achievement.

2. Attractive employer

Companies with a patent are interesting employers for ambitious applicants. After all, a patent says something about a company's innovative strength. Innovation is high on any applicant's wish list. They look for a modern, inspiring work environment. Putting the patent on your profile, is an easy way of showing that you are an attractive employer, which makes it easier to find new colleagues.    

3. Visibility of your company

As we have already established, a patent is something to be proud of. This achievement can be used as a marketing tool. Visitors to your profile will see that you are an innovative company or employer. That you came up with an idea that nobody else had thought of. This gives a positive impression of your organisation. Putting the patent on your LinkedIn profile is an easy way to get more exposure for your company or employer and promote your or their expert status. Moreover, the more complete a LinkedIn profile is, the better it will be found by search engines.

4. It puts a face to your invention

By putting your patent on your LinkedIn profile you will put a face to an invention. You have perhaps seen inventions yourself and thought: that's clever. I wonder who came up with the idea for that? Who invented those handy bike seats? And who came up with the idea for the electric car that fully charges itself with sunlight? By conducting a LinkedIn search you can find out who invented the Bobike bicycle seat and who the engineers are behind the Lightyear car. By linking the patent to the inventor on LinkedIn you get a more personal impression of the innovation and the company.

Are you planning to add a patent? You can do so in just a few steps via the "add a section" button. For an explanation, also look at this link.