Effective IP protection keeps the competition at bay

Innovative concepts

Avantium is a leading technology company in the field of advanced catalytic R&D. Avantium offers two propositions: YXY and Catalysis. With YXY, Avantium develops ground-breaking innovations and technologies that are used to make biobased plastics and chemicals. These products are not based on oil, but are made entirely from biobased raw materials. Under the proposition name of Catalysis, the company develops and supplies equipment for the chemical industry and the oil and gas industry. In order to stay ahead of the competition it is vitally important to protect any innovative concepts properly. At the same time it is important to monitor the competitors’ technological developments closely.

Fast and efficient communication

We are proud of our intensive collaboration with Avantium. We contribute ideas and suggestions from the very inception of new developments, across the entire breadth of Avantium’s technical field of work. The company makes use of our full range of services for IP-related issues in the field of chemical and mechanical engineering. By doing so, we can ensure fast and efficient flow of communication and information with optimal innovation protection as the result.