Innovative instrument improves vascular surgery

Revolutionary invention by medtech start-up

Mellon Medical LogoThis is a revolutionary way of suturing and an ingenious instrument that could be used as a replacement for traditional suturing devices. This new instrument only requires the use of one hand and as such, can speed up suturing and help improve the results of vascular surgery. This is an invention from Mellon Medical, founded in 2013.

The innovative suturing instrument most closely resembles a set of tweezers. The ends of the pincers move towards each other when squeezed. Then the needle is transferred from one end to the other at the push of a button. Mellon Medical has designed this single-handed suturing technology as an add-on for a number of different suturing devices.

Patent forms foundations for funding

EP&C has been involved in the development of this innovative single-handed suturing technology from the very start. We registered the initial idea as Mellon Medical’s Intellectual Property which the company has been able to patent, and as a result, attract investors to fund its further development and worldwide marketing. Consequently, we have been able to contribute to the realisation of a new medical innovation, and will continue to protect it as it is implemented in combination with other technologies.