Molecular scanner with ultra-high resolution

Ground-breaking contributions to important medical research

Milabs VectorResearchers in the field of new pharmaceutical products want to know exactly how drugs are processed in the body. Similarly, doctors want to know precisely where organs, tissue structures and tumours are located. This led a company that was founded on scientific research in the Netherlands in 2006, and that specialises in molecular imaging, to develop a scanner by the name of U-SPECT. This scanner provides a much better resolution image than any other system. It is user-friendly and needs fewer radioactive isotopes to create an image of the functions of a living organism.

The company, MILabs, has received several national and international scientific awards, and combines scientific insights with high-tech ingenuity.

Strategy and marketing

MILabs operates in the very dynamic and global field of medical research: a field that is dominated by large multinationals. In order to ensure that MILabs can concentrate on strengthening its strategic position in this sector, and continue to work towards the company’s future, EP&C takes care of, and coordinates, all aspects of MILabs’ Intellectual Property strategy.