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"Our clients are investing in their futures, which means we can never be too careful or too critical"

Hendrik Jan Brookhuis studied Mechanical Engineering in Enschede and has been employed as a patent attorney at EP&C since 1991. Every day he and his team help innovating companies using an approach based on open intensive collaboration and clear communication. The effective protection of an innovation is one of their main activities. Hendrik Jan regularly plays a role in product development by identifying third-party rights and deciding how to deal with these. He is also frequently involved in court cases, oppositions and other forms of litigation both at home and abroad. 

Within the framework of EP&C’s worldwide network, Hendrik Jan is responsible for EP&C’s contacts in Canada and North America.  

Hendrik Jan is astute, critical, optimistic and reliable. “Our clients don’t necessarily want a patent. They want to work effectively on their future. By making critical and effective use of our knowledge and experience, we can make a real contribution. One of the main things that drives us is our client’s success, or even their chance of success.”


IAM Patent 1000

In a special edition from IAM magazine (an international IP magazine) called IAM Patent 1000 – the World’s Leading Patent Practitioners Hendrik Jan is quoted as:

2022 & 2023
"Managing partner Hendrik Jan Brookhuis is the go-to for Canadian and US entities looking to protect their rights and cement their market position in Europe."

"Managing partner and “excellent patent attorney” Hendrik Jan Brookhuis keeps the firm firing on all cylinders."

"Brookhuis gets on a level with inventors, who are confident in the knowledge that their creations will be protected in both the short and long term." 

“Managing partner and mechanical engineer Hendrik Jan Brookhuis is a guiding light when it comes to protecting inventions and advising on disputes."

 “Knowing what you’re doing before you’re doing it, Hendrik Jan Brookhuis is an atypical patent attorney. Not quite as formal as his peers tend to be, he has great interpersonal skills and communicates excellently with his clients.”

Hendrik Jan Brookhuis “is a genius”, effuses one peer: “I had a patent case which I won because of his creativity – I wouldn’t have won it with any other patent attorney.”

The litigation know-how of Rijswijk-based Hendrik Jan Brookhuis gives top lawyers great comfort. Like his clients, “he is ambitious” and “is always finding ways to improve quality, even when you think it can’t get any better”. The energy, construction and logistics sectors feature prominently in his engineering-focused practice.

Hendrik Jan Brookhuis stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Partner and mechanical engineering whizz Hendrik Jan Brookhuis has been with the firm since 1991; his passion for technology which shines through in his work.

IP Stars Handbook

Every year the international magazine Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) publishes the IP Stars. In the multiple publication over the last years, Hendrik Jan is named as one of the IP Stars. As wel in 2023.


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