Feeding poultry more efficiently

Market leader in feeding and drinking systems

RoxellThe Belgian company Roxell has introduced dozens of new automatic feeding and drinking systems for poultry and pigs in recent decades. One of these is the oval pan for use in a poultry house. It is fitted with a system that ensures uniform feed distribution, and its shape frees up more space for the chickens to walk around in. The result is more efficient use of the capacity of the poultry house compared to round equivalents. The adjustable openings also make it possible to feed hens and cockerels separately and keep young birds out of the pan.

Tackling counterfeiters 

EP&C has worked with Roxell for many years, helping them with patent applications for their innovations, as well as legal action against counterfeiters. Our support has taken us around the globe, from Belgium to France and Italy, to Turkey and China.

Roxell was one of the first companies to take successful legal action against a Chinese imitator during legal proceedings at the People’s Court in Beijing. These proceedings were relatively quick and in-expensive, and the procedures in China are now similar to those in Europe. It is much more straightforward to protect inventions and combat infringements in China than it used to be. In fact, the success of this court case has had additional positive effects. Firstly, Roxell has experienced a sharp drop in the number of patent infringements around the world. Furthermore, businesses in China now fully understand the positive effect of protecting Intellectual Property and many companies around the world are changing their protection strategies and adding China to their target markets.