IPN Group

A good idea turned worldwide success

Dispensers and connectors

IPN Edited Black Machine With CT And DrinksScholle IPN is an internationally operating packaging company that manufactures customer-specific dispensers and connectors for liquid packaging. Its customers include Heinz, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Remia, L’Oréal and Danone. IPN's global success is based on the idea that empty bags take up less space in warehouses and lorries and on shop shelves than bottles and jars. The company designed a dispenser with a connector for refillable bags. With the revenue from the patent of this idea, IPN was able to establish its own international production facilities. On top of that, the packaging company is continuing to create innovative solutions based on ease of use and environmental sustainability, such as squeeze packaging that always dispenses the same amount.

Patent and design protection go hand in hand

The development process and protecting intellectual property go hand in hand in this. While new technologies are recorded using patent protection, EP&C also keeps an eye on the design improvements that IPN is constantly implementing. We record these with design protection. The synergy between patents and designs allows the manufacturer to develop the optimum packaging without having to worry about a competitor running off with that idea.

IP protection forms the basis of success

IPN Coca Cola MachineEP&C has been involved in advising and drafting patent applications for IPN since it was established in the 1990s. This started with a sound description of the invention that is the basis of IPN's success, the connector between the refill bag and the pump. IPN continues to innovate with solutions for international markets.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the company's success by properly protecting its Intellectual Property.