Windo Product Development

Worldwide success with advertising media

Exchangeable frame for floor posters

In the battle to attract the attention of FW5 DAshoppers, Windo Product Development developed a new advertising medium: the FloorWindo. It is a very thin exchangeable poster frame that is designed for use on the floor. The window is durable, virtually unbreakable and has an anti-slip texture. The FloorWindo makes it possible to advertise different products on the floor with the aid of posters that can be inserted into a frame. The FloorWindo is available in different sizes and can be combined with a door mat, for instance. In addition to the floor frames there is also a smaller variant for use on a counter, called the DeskWindo.

Serious IP support

The company contacted EP&C in 1995 with a Dutch patent application that had already been filed. The need for serious IP support grew because the product started to do well. We subsequently drafted patent applications for several European countries and for the United States, Australia, Brazil, India, China and Japan. We also registered the brand names. Over the years we have drafted patents for improvements to the product as well as for new products and ideas. As a result of this, the collaboration has become more and more intensive. In the meantime, Windo Displays has become a worldwide success and customers such as McDonalds, Heineken, Mercedes Benz, Shell, Canon and Vodafone use the advertising media developed by Windo Product Development to promote their products. We are proud of the fact that we have been able to contribute to this commercial success with our IP expertise.