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Magazine Anne van Lohuijzen-Pronker ENG 2023_11

"I find lots of different types of technology fascinating because I like to understand how things work."

Trainee Patent Attorney Anne van Lohuijzen joined EPC in December 2023. She studied Aerospace Engineering in Delft. Not because she necessarily has a passion for aircraft, but mainly because she has a love for technology in the broadest sense of the word. Anne: "I really enjoy trying to figure out how things work and to analyse things. This is something I have to do as a patent attorney as well. And I love languages. That combination is also found in my work."

The fact that Anne likes various different types of technology is evident from her broad background. During her studies, she majored in Measurement and Control Engineering and graduated in Simulations. Her minor was focused more on Medical Engineering. During her internship she gained technical knowledge in other fields. "At DEMCON I worked in the field of mechatronics. I modelled the control of high-tech equipment and implemented these functionalities in software. At Priva I worked on software development for climate installations in greenhouses and buildings. In short: I have a very broad background to draw from."

Besides understanding technology, Anne is also looking forward to customer contact at EP&C. "I think it's important to listen closely to what customers have to say about the kind of problems they encounter with their innovation, how it works and the kind of protection they are looking for. I use the information I obtain by listening carefully to give them strong advice."