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"The most trivial of inventions can be a work of genius."

Christiaan Houben studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft and has been a patent attorney at EP&C since 1999. He has experience with litigation abroad (particularly in Germany and France), is the leader of one of our mechanical engineering teams and works mainly for the manufacturing industry. He specialises in metal and plastic processing, mechanical engineering and control technology.

Christiaan has worked with some of his clients ever since his early years at EP&C and has developed long-term collaborations with them, based on personal and business trust. Christiaan is approachable, analytical and knowledgeable, but also tenacious when he needs to be. "When you carefully look around you can see patents everywhere. And the most trivial invention can turn out to be an egg of Columbus, which is why we always need to look at everything from all angles both during the application and enforcement of a patent. Because that is the only way your client can stay ahead of the competition."


In a special edition from IAM magazine (an international IP magazine) called IAM Patent 1000 – the World’s Leading Patent Practitioners Christiaan is quoted as:

"1000 newcomer Christiaan Houben lauded as “extremely creative attorneys that come up with technically brilliant and winning arguments that other attorneys would not have even considered”.


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