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Portretten Hidde van de Bijl ENG 2023_01 - met tekst

"The heart of this profession is engineering and that happens to be where my heart lies." 

His interest in engineering and in particular in heat transfer and fluid mechanics led Hidde van der Bijl to the University of Twente in 2017, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2023, specialising in Thermal and Fluid Engineering. Hidde joined EP&C shortly after that to strengthen the team in Amsterdam with his enthusiasm for and knowledge of engineering.

Now that he works at EP&C, Hidde especially enjoys the diversity of the work as well as the contact he has with clients. "The heart of this profession is engineering and that happens to be where my heart lies. I am always very curious about how things work and how they can be improved. My job also has a legal and linguistic side to it which combined with client interaction makes this a very interesting profession."

What can clients expect from Hidde in terms of his approach to his job? "I want to be a reliable and accessible collaboration partner. Clients often know very little about patents and are totally focused on the technology involved in their innovation. They rely on us to properly protect their invention. I want to live up to that expectation by doing a good job and brainstorming with them. A patent is important for companies when it comes to their ability to grow. It's nice to be able to help them achieve that."