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2023-09 Portret Jeroen Meesters ENG

"You get a look at the future of the market"

Jeroen Meesters studied Materials Science at the KU Leuven, with a minor in Electrical Engineering. He obtained his Master's degree in Nanotechnology. Jeroen has been working as a Dutch & European patent attorney at EP&C since November 2018.

His fascination for phenomena on the smallest possible, almost unthinkable scale led to nanotechnology, which he studied at the renowned IMEC research institute in Leuven. "It's booming business. At IMEC, you come into contact with innovations virtually every day, which means that at some point you also have to deal with the protection of Intellectual Property and everything related to it."

Jeroen is a rational, thoughtful team player. "I think it's a privilege to see what's happening in high-tech companies. It's exciting and fascinating, you get a glimpse of the future of the market. You don’t just help multinationals protect Intellectual Property, but also passionate, fanatical individual inventors. That's the charm of the profession. You offer everyone the best possible support in a very complex world."