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Marc Barendse

"I get a kick out of the drive that inventors have."

Marc Barendse studied mechanical engineering at Delft University of Technology. He opted for this because he wanted to do both an in-depth and broad technical study of an applied nature. 

In the field of IP, Marc combines his great interest in innovation and the way technology works with making new inventions function in society. "Patents are subject to numerous rules and it is not easy for laymen to fully understand these. I am happy to help inventors with this. They are usually very passionate about bringing their idea to fruition and I can get excited about that myself." Marc also advises clients on design protection.

Marc combines curiosity and helpfulness with a rational, critical attitude. "If you empathise with the client and communicate clearly about IP and their invention, you can actually help them." Marc is also very interested in marketing and sales and gained experience in this area at various companies whilst studying.