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"The smallest detail can make a major difference at all levels"

Marjolein van Lit-Elderson studied Mechanical Engineering with a minor specialisation in Biomechatronics and a Master's specialisation in Sustainable Process and Energy Technology at Delft University of Technology. After graduating she went to work as a project engineer at Witteveen+Bos in 2015. She joined EP&C as a trainee patent attorney in 2016 and was sworn in as a Dutch & European Patent Attorney in 2021.

Marjolein became fascinated with physical phenomenon at an early age. "It was only logical that I would go on to study Mechanical Engineering in which these phenomenon are applied for the benefit of mankind. I find it fascinating to zoom in on the smallest possible details and then to zoom out again to see the technology in operation. At the same time I want to work in as broad a field as possible so that I get every opportunity to focus on new topics. This all comes together in the world of patents which combines innovation with linguistic and legal expertise."

Marjolein is inquisitive, dedicated, optimistic and helpful. "As a patent attorney you are the first person an inventor shares his invention with. I therefore see it as a privilege to be in a position to really help people. It is nice to be able to engross yourself in their market, to find out all about their business and to contribute ideas when defining a strategy to turn the invention into a success. During this process the smallest detail can make a major difference at all levels, of the technology, the business and the market.


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