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Magazine Menno Ong NL 2024-04

Menno Ong is EP&C's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As the Chairman of the Board he is, together with Managing Partners Christiaan Houben, Walter Hart and Yme Groeneveld, responsible for preparation and executing strategic and policy-related activities. Menno's particular focus is on managing the patent attorneys, business development, marketing, communication and facilities (accommodation and ICT).

Menno is a very experienced manager with many years of service in the banking and insurance industry. Before joining EP&C he worked in various management and executive roles at leading law firms for about twenty years. He was in charge of development and strategy, often with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation, knowledge and information.

"The switch from legal practice to patents initially seemed liked a small step, but in practice turned out to be quite a major transition. Patent attorneys and formalities officers are not only technically but also legally skilled, but they are nevertheless very different from lawyers. I have always been able to get on well with lawyers but feel totally at home among patent specialists. They are incredibly intelligent and service-oriented, and not pretentious at all - which is very refreshing. If required they do not shy away from conflict, but their main focus is always on finding the very best solution for their client, for the invention and for this planet. I find it very inspiring to work towards a nicer, cleaner world with them through innovation."

During his career, Menno has taken an active role in society and held various additional jobs. Among other things, he was a volunteer and Board Member of De Kindertelefoon (a children's helpline), De Luisterlijn (a listening ear helpline), an Amsterdam community centre for the elderly, and JINC, an organisation that supports children and young people in disadvantaged situations. At present Menno serves as president of his Rotary Club Amsterdam Zuidas. In this capacity he is involved in various community service projects, many of which in connection with the situation in Ukraine. All of this is in keeping with EP&C's commitment to having a responsible and relevant role in society, whereby our employees are encouraged and supported in taking active roles in society both within and outside our particular area of expertise.


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