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Sjoerd Bielleman

"Ultimately the only thing that counts is what a patent actually says"

Sjoerd Bielleman studied at the University of Groningen, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics and a Master's in Physics in 2014. After obtaining his master's degree, Sjoerd completed a PhD in Physics in Madrid. He has been employed by EP&C as a Dutch and European patent attorney since March 2018.

Sjoerd is a social person and puts himself in the inventor's shoes by listening carefully, asking supplementary questions and contributing ideas. He is an analytical thinker who likes to sit down with inventors to gets to the core of an invention. Due to his background and his varied clientele, he has experience and knowledge in a large number of fields. He uses this experience and knowledge to achieve the best for the customer every time.

“One of the nicest aspects of the patent profession is the many different inventions and inventors you get to work with on a daily basis. You are challenged to understand innovations and do the best work for the customer in light of the legal aspects of protection.”